Recurrent Miscarriage

Miscarriage is a devastating complication that unfortunately affects about a sixth (15%) of pregnancies.

The vast majority of these are due to abnormal genetic development of the baby and such miscarriages may be nature’s way of ensuring such abnormal pregnancies do not continue to live birth.

Some women unfortunately experience repeated miscarriages (recurrent miscarriage) not due to abnormal genetic development of the baby but mostly acquired problems. These can be extremely distressing for affected women/couples and frustrating for their healthcare providers.

About half of couples with recurrent miscarriage have an underlying non-genetic cause for the miscarriages and the vast majority of these can be treated to improve the outcomes of future pregnancies.


MG provides a full recurrent miscarriage screening service that includes:

MG provides an evidence based approach to treating recurrent miscarriage based on the results of investigations performed and in accordance with current evidence. 

Treatment modalities that we provide include:

o    Aspirin and Heparin in early pregnancy

o    Hormonal interventions in early pregnancy

o    Immunomodulation

o    Laparoscopic uterine cerclage (in-between pregnancies)

For more information on recurrent miscarriage, please click on the following link: Recurrent Miscarriage.


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