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Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain

Endometriosis Specialist in Manchester, UK

Dr Edmond Edi-Osagie is an endometriosis specialist in the UK, offering private gynaecology clinics in Manchester and Cheshire for women living with endometriosis.

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What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a condition where tissue, like that which lines the uterus, is found elsewhere in the body. This mostly occurs at the ovaries and fallopian tube but can be found on the bladder and bowel. Like the cells in the uterus, each month the lining thickens before breaking down resulting in bleeding. Those affected by endometriosis often experience pain in the pelvic region.

How do you get Endometriosis?

Endometriosis affects about 1-in-10 women and impacts very significantly on women’s family and social lives and productivity. It appears to be genetically linked and so runs in families; close female relatives of women with endometriosis are eight times more likely to develop the condition.

We do not yet fully understand what causes endometriosis but we know enough about how the condition develops and impacts women to be able to provide them much needed relief from it. The main objectives of treating endometriosis are to relieve of pain and improve fertility.

How can Endometriosis be treated?

Manchester Gynaecologist provides the full spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic medical/surgical options for managing all stages of the condition. We very clearly favour early diagnosis of the condition to avail the opportunity to control its symptoms from an early stage to hopefully prevent the problems of long-standing and/or severe disease.

Private endometriosis specialist Dr Edi-Osagie provides conservative, medical and surgical treatment options including the full range of laparoscopic surgery options from laparoscopic ultraconservative approaches for mild disease to radical excisional surgery for severe, rectovaginal and extra-genital disease. We practise excisional surgery using ultrasonic energy and pride ourselves with being one of the few UK centres that provides ‘Total Peritoneal Excision’.

The predominant feature of endometriosis is pelvic pain but endometriosis is not the only condition that causes such pain. MG provides a methodical approach to the investigation and treatment of pelvic pain syndromes through a holistic approach involving counselling and chronic pain physiotherapy to clients who need these interventions.

We provide the full scope of interventions for this condition including:

o    Outpatient consultation, specialist examination and pelvic ultrasound scans
o    Early day case diagnostic laparoscopy to diagnose/stage the condition
o    Counselling and pelvic pain support
o    Medical treatment with a wide range of options
o    Surgical treatment by keyhole surgery
o    Alternative medical support solutions

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